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Stoneware PotteryCare and feeding of your new pot.

Blue Ridge Pottery is high fired stoneware, a hard and durable pottery. It is lead-free and safe for use with all foods. Stoneware is Dishwasher, Oven, and Microwave Safe.

  • In the dishwasher, treat your pottery as you would any fine china. Be sure it will not vibrate or bang against other items.
  • When using pottery in the oven, heat the oven with the piece in it. DO NOT PRE-HEAT. Cooking times may vary with Stoneware Pottery from your conventional cookware. Pottery taken from a cold refrigerator to a hot oven will break.
  • When Micro waving stoneware pottery, make sure that your food is evenly distributed over the surface. Food microwaved in one spot will cause the clay to expand and contract unevenly increasing the risk of cracking.
  • When Hand washing, avoid using abrasive pads on your piece to avoid damaging the high glaze finish.
  • Our Wine Goblets have a wooden stem and should be hand washed to preserve the finish.

Blue Ridge Pottery is warranted for manufacturing defects for one year from date of purchase (Register Receipt Required. Sorry, no exceptions) Breakage due to dishwasher damage and dropping is not covered. Click HERE for more information.


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